Our Mission

We aim to generate social impact through our expertise in blockchain technology with the below initiatives, driven by our three pillars: Education, Partnerships and Research & Innovation.

BPF Blockchain Education

This is a blockchain education course designed with philanthropists in mind. 

Created by a team experienced in blockchain technology and research, this course will not only provide a detailed overview of blockchain technology, but also help our partners understand why it could be a great tool for their philanthropic organisations. Learn more about our course here.

BPF Research and Advisory

Research is especially important to early-stage technologies like blockchain as validation is needed to determine whether it can truly drive impact. Through a series of research articles, we examine the viability of using blockchain technology in a number of sectors including charitable giving, voting and energy.

By looking at real-world case studies of companies currently using blockchain technology, we can help companies navigate the use of this technology. To explore topics we’ve researched, check out our articles on using blockchain technology for charitable giving and election voting.


BPF Technology

We have been working on a cryptocurrency donation platform which will feature our NFP Alliance partners and allow users to make cryptocurrency donations to charities globally. Through this donation platform, we hope to bring awareness of cryptocurrency as another avenue for not-for-profits to receive support. We expect our donation platform to go live in the first half of 2019.